Our motorcycle towing company has specially designed bike flatbed tow trucks to carry your beloved two-wheelers without any damage. Our tow trucks can be used to transport and provide motorcycle towing service for superbikes, heavy bikes, and any other bikes during a need of vehicle shifting, marketing events, or during an unfortunate breakdown & accident situation. We use the latest technology and a fully automatic hydraulic system to ensure the 100% safety of your vehicles. Our motorcycle towing cost is easily affordable, and yet the quality is the best.


If the bike of your dreams is thousands of miles away, we can bring it to you with our quality and fast motorcycle towing service. Maybe you want to go on a tour with your friends but can’t take time off to ride the entire way? Or you want to buy a new bike, but it’s many miles away? Either way, we can help bring that motorbike to you. We provide motorcycle towing in emergencies 24/7 throughout the year. 

Emergency Motorcycle Towing Service

Have found yourself with a broken-down bike across state lines and you need to get it home? We can help with that as well. We offer interstate towing for motorcycles as well as cars and even can ship your motorcycle. Don’t ever feel stuck with no way out. We are here for you with all kinds of motorcycle towing solutions. And, we can certainly come up with something for you. We work with our clients and put our heads together for those tough situations. However, after being in the business for over 10 years, there are not many situations that are very complicated these days.

Typically a towing job is just like the next. However, we understand that some custom things need to be addressed when towing motorcycles. Some bikes are custom made and not all of them are easy to strap down for everyone. However, we have been stripping down bikes to our flatbeds for years. Our tow truck will come equipped with the proper equipment and knowledge to complete the job. We are the best option for your search for a motorcycle towing company near me.

Motorcycle Towing Company

We Handle All Types of Motorbikes  

Our tow truck drivers are seasoned in the transport of all different kinds of motorbikes. If you need dependable towing for a 4-wheel, 3-wheel, 2-wheel, scooter, quad, trike, or buggy, you can count on us every step of the way. If you want motorbike towing assistance from professionals who will treat your motorcycle with full respect, we’re here to help you. We don’t put force on our customers’ bikes. That’s because immoderate amounts of pressure can lead to negative effects. Pressure can be detrimental to front suspensions and therefore can lead to handling problems. If you want towing service from a motorcycle towing company that will treat your bike like gold, no other company can compete with us.

Emergency Motorcycle Towing Service

Hassle-Free Towing Service

We know you love your bike, and we care about motorcycles just as much as you! We are sure you have invested a lot into maintaining your ride, so when it comes to towing or transporting your chopper, don’t take the risk and instead call the best, East Bay Motorcycle Tow. We take pride in our work and we guarantee that your Harley, custom chopper, show bike, or sports bike will make it to your desired destination in the same condition as when it was lovingly loaded onto our truck. We have a team of highly trained, certified, and courteous towing professionals to pair with our fleet of flatbed trucks, so you can be assured that your motorcycle is in competent hands. This is what makes us the best motorcycle towing company.

We work with private citizens as well as law enforcement, government agencies, and commercial and professional groups that need long-range or short-range motorcycle transportation. If you are looking to attend an event on the other side of town, or in a new town altogether we have you covered. Do you have a long way to travel, but don’t want to do it on your bike? We can work with you on one-way or two-way motorbike towing as well. 


24/7 Motorcycle Towing Services

Our emergency motorcycle towing services are available throughout the year. Yes! Whether it is Christmas or Easter, our professionals will be there to help you. We are the best answer for your google search for motorcycle towing service near me. Our services are reliable and trustworthy. We hold a very firm name in society to provide 24/7 quality towing services for motorcycles, bikes, bicycles, and all kinds of two-wheeled vehicles.

Sometimes it happens that your bike gets spoiled on the road and no mechanic shop is nearby, then our bike towing services will come to you immediately. Our bike towing services are fastest than others. Our team has given many successful bike towing services to date. If you have a bicycle from any company and are anywhere, you will call us. Our professionals are fully equipped with the latest gadgets so that your vehicle could be delivered at the best time with no damage.


Motorcycle Roadside Assistance

Our professional and experienced towing service providers are trained enough to provide any kind of motorcycle roadside assistance to you right on the spot. Whether your battery failed out on an empty road or you’ve got a flat tire, our service professionals can help you get back on the open road quickly and efficiently. They will be towing a motorcycle with a car and taking it to the nearest mechanic shop to get it repaired or to your home according to your demand. We can also install spare tires so that you can continue your journey without any worry.


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Our motorcycle towing company has the most reasonable rates. Unlike others, our priority is to facilitate our clients as much as we can. Contact us today to experience easily affordable and top-quality motorcycle towing service.