Fast Motorcycle Towing

Motorcycles are fun to drive. The speed driving on heavy bikes can give us a thrilling but at the same time, they are dangerous. More the speed of the bike can increase the measurement of accidental proportion and due to exposure of the driver to the environment unlike a car, the bike can deliver massive damage to the person who was driving. But it is safe when the precautions are properly taken like; wearing helmet, knee pads, and not driving rash.

Sometimes motorcycles are a whole-hearted favorite of some people. Even if shifting somewhere else they like to take them with their selves. East Bay Motorcycle Towing provides the efficient and best motorcycle towing services for your beloved bikes. We offer scratch-less services with no harm guaranteed. Our staff is professional and they know how to deal with your two-wheel vehicles. Our drivers and technicians are motivated to take care of your property properly and to handover it to you with no-scratch.

If you are looking for quality services of motorcycle towing company and that’s why you were googling ‘motorcycle towing near me’ so we are here for your services. We provide the most reliable towing for your bikes. Our professionals are fully equipped with the latest gadgets so that your vehicle could be delivered at the best time with no damage.

Fast Motorcycle Towing

24/7 Towing Service

There are companies in the market that just provide services in a very dedicated time scheme and mostly are not available in the period of holidays. There are times when customers need services of towing and they are worried that no one would be available so don’t worry. East Bay Motorcycle Tow is here at your services with the availability of 24 hours in a day and 7 days in the weeks.

Our emergency motorcycle towing services are available throughout the year. Yes! Whether it is Christmas or ester, our professional will be there to help you. We are the best answer for your google search of tow truck for motorcycles near me”. Our services are reliable and trustworthy. We hold a very firm name in the society for providing the firm gripped quality services for motorcycles, bikes, bicycles, and other all kinds of two-wheeled vehicles.

Professional Motorcycle Wrecker

Our mechanics and technicians are professional, they are trained and skilled. They have a sound knowledge of every kind of two-wheel vehicle. Our drivers are licensed and insured. You will witness a handful of friendliness in them while getting the services.

We don’t hire newbies for men’s work, that is why our work quality is on the other level. Our main focus is to provide you the best service experience at a very reasonable price. Luxury motorcycles whole towing needs special gadgets so that they don’t get any harm, we offer fully equipped and professional Motorbike towing service. 

Motorcycle Towing

Motorcycle Towing on Flatbed

Flatbeds are well known for towing cars and other four-wheel vehicles but when it comes to towing motorcycles on them then there raises a question that how they will be towed. The question is that the bikes can fall aside while on the flatbed of the towing trucks. East Bay motorcycles tow knows their jobs very properly so we know that while towing motorcycles on the flatbed then we firmly hold the bikes with gadgets. Motorbikes on the flatbed, while towing by our flatbed trucks, are rigidly held to the steal hitches. We offer you a hundred percent of this that your motorcycle will not be harmed while delivering it to the destined location. Bikes are the hearts of some people and we will take care of this while transferring them.

Motorcycle Wreckers 

Motorcycles wreckers are much different from normal towing trucks. Normal towing trucks are for the towing of four-wheeled vehicles like cars, SUVs, coupes, and sedans, etc. But the motorcycle wreckers are designed especially for motorcycles. They are considered more perfect for the towing of the bikes because they do not tend to harm the bikes while on the journey. We provide the cheapest motorcycle towing services with very efficient quality. Motorcycle wreckers are specially made for motorcycles and normally cars cannot be towed on them. This is because of the equipment on the back of tow trucks, which prevents the motorcycles from falling in speedy drives.


Is a motorcycle wrecker any different from a normal wrecker?

Motorcycle wreckers are much different from normal wreckers. The normal towing wreckers are used for vehicles like cars, SUVs, and other four-wheel vehicles. Well not only for four wheels but also other trucks can be towed on wreckers, depending on the capacity and capability of them. Motorcycle wrecker is a dedicated towing wrecker truck for motorcycles. These wreckers have specialized gadgets installed in them to hold the bikes in them.  Although the gadgets installed on the motorcycle wrecker are additional and when we remove them, they are not any different than the normal wrecker truck.

Do we also provide roadside assistance?

Our services are not limited just to the towing facility. Our towing services are efficient and of high quality but along with that we provide roadside assistance for faulted and impounded motorcycles. Our approach and service time is considered remarkable in society. We provide the best roadside assistance services for our customers. Our mechanics and technicians are very professional so they can assist your bike on the roadside with great efficiency.

Is the cost of towing motorcycles being any much more than towing normal vehicles?

The costs do depend on the handling of luxury vehicles. One more thing on which the cost depends is how much long distance we need to travel for the delivery of the vehicle. But overall, our prices are very reasonable and easy on the pocket. So, it won’t be too much, East Bay Motorcycle Tow foremost dedication is to provide you the best services at very economical prices.


If you need any towing services then call us and our operator will listen to your whole needs and will give an estimated Motorcycle towing cost. East Bay Motorcycle Tow is a professional firm that provides towing services for motorcycles, motorbikes, and other two-wheeled vehicles. You will find our prices the most cost-effective than the other companies in the markets.